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Our Story

Child During ABA Autism Therapy
Child During ABA Autism Therapy

Where it all started:

Our daughter Scarlett was diagnosed with Autism (level 3), Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyspraxia and Global Developmental Delay at 18 months of age. As first time parents , the world as we knew it crumbled around us, and we had no idea how to cope. We felt isolated and lonely - even when surrounded by loved ones. Through desperation we scoured the internet for any form of help. Speech, Occupational, Music, Sensory and ABA Therapy all came up as options. Upon further research we found that ABA therapy was reviewed as being the most successful, and so we began our ABA journey. Living in Penrith, unfortunately the only centres that offered this service were over 35 kilometres away. With no other viable options closer to home we registered Scarlett at the nearest centre available. Scarlett attended intensive therapies all around Sydney,  5 days a week, until she was able to start school in 2022.


Through ABA therapy, Scarlett has been able to learn various life skills that have helped her grow into the beautiful young girl she is today. Scarlett is nonverbal and sometimes engages in self harm when she is frustrated. ABA therapy has helped her communicate with us, and helped her to regulate her emotions. As parents, ABA therapy has been able to help provide us with the right strategies at home to be able to manage on a daily basis.

 After experiencing the transformative benefits ABA therapy had for our family, and with still no dedicated Early Intervention ABA clinic in the Greater West of Sydney, we felt compelled as parents and as members of the Autism community to give back and open Scarlett’s Autism Therapy Centre. Our mission is to empower children and their families to gain the tools, strategies and techniques that are needed to not just “survive” but to thrive. Whether it be through our high quality clinical services, or even as simple as a casual conversation and sharing of our real life experiences from one parent to another - we are here to show that you are not alone during your journey.


Scarlett's Autism Therapy Centre is not just a business, it is our passion, and our lives....

Scarlett playing with bubbles during ABA Therapy
Scarlett with our Scarlett's Autism Therapy Sign
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