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Consultancy Services

If you're not yet ready for intensive therapy, or just need support with one or two goals, consultancy services may be for you.

How Consultancy Can Help

Consultancy services are run by our Program Supervisors and Board Certified Behaviour Analysts, and be the right fit for families who may not be able or ready to commence intensive therapy. Consultancy sessions can be weekly or fortnightly, and are usually to support a singular concern or goal.


Parent Training

If you prefer to teach your child skills yourself, ongoing parent training is a great way to access professional support when needed


Singular Concerns

Consultancy can also help your child if you have a singular goals*, such as working on toilet training, daily living routines (such as hairdressing or going to the dentist).


School Support

We can help with the implementation of behaviour support strategies in school or preschool


Social Skills

We can provide individual sessions targeting specific social skills for older learners who may need specific support but not intensive therapy


Stakeholder Training

We can provide training to others who support your child, such as support workers or educators


Telehealth Services

If you are not able to attend our clinic in person, our program supervisors can assist you via telehealth.

*We do not offer feeding programs at Scarlett's Autism Therapy Centre. Paediatric feeding is a specialised service that often requires a multi-disciplinary team. Whilst we cannot work on this directly, we are happy to help you source alternative providers who may be able to support you with this.

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