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ABAA Conference 2024

Congratulations on scanning the QR code successfully - you made it! Please find links to each of the decks, and their associated resources below

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Curated Resources for Clinicians and Leaders to incorporate more HRE into their daily practice.

Why did we make these cards?

This is our first year sponsoring ABAA conference. We had a long hard think about what we could put in your tote bag and wanted to create something that would evoke your curiosity, create some conversation with each other, and inspire you to create more HRE for your clinicians and participants. With any luck maybe you’ll even make some new friends in the process.

How did we do it? (Using the science of ABA)

  • Packaging the cards in a “Australia Post package” might serve as an EO for most people - as getting a package in the mail is typically paired as an R+.

  • Letting you know that everyone else has a different set, gives you FOMO and hopefully strengthens the EO to go and talk to your neighbour about what they got.

  • We hope that getting helpful digital resources, ideas, and materials made by clinicians, for clinicians serves as an R+ for you - for attending conference and opening the package!

Parent and Child_edited.jpg

Want to work with us?

So.... truth being told, we'd be lying if we said that creating resources to help you and your team be more HRE was our only motive. We hope that these cards appeal to like-minded clinicians who may also be looking for a new role in an awesome team (you know, our team of mega ABA-nerds who made these cards).

If you're a big fan of affirming and compassionate care, and looking for a new role in the early intervention sector - we want to hear from you! We are actively looking to add BCBA's, Speechies, OTs, and Psychologists to our team, and have a variety of part time, and full time positions available. Chat to Brooke at conference, or head to our careers page to learn more:

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