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Play - Creating more HRE

Play is an essential part of childhood development and a powerful tool in ABA therapy. By integrating play skills into therapy sessions, practitioners can create meaningful relationships with learners, fostering happiness, relaxation, and engagement.

Play provides a natural context for learning and allows children to explore their environment, express their emotions, and develop social skills. Through play, therapists can connect with learners on their level, making therapy feel less like work and more like an enjoyable, collaborative experience. This connection is crucial for building trust, which is the foundation of any successful therapeutic relationship.

Engaging in play helps children feel more relaxed and comfortable, reducing anxiety and resistance to therapy. When children are happy and relaxed, they are more open to learning and more likely to engage in therapeutic activities. Play also promotes creativity and problem-solving, essential skills for navigating social interactions and building relationships.

By prioritizing play in ABA therapy, practitioners can create a positive, supportive environment that encourages learners to thrive. Play skills not only enhance the therapeutic process but also enrich the child's overall well-being, helping them to develop the social and emotional skills needed for meaningful, lasting relationships.

"You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation"

 - Plato

Why did we make this set?

Because what better way to HRE than through play? We made this with clinicians and teams who work with young children in mind, but this can used for anyone looking to improve their play skills, or ways to incorporate a bit of HRE into team building activities.

Who are these resources for?

This deck was specifically designed for both clinicians and team leaders. We hope that it helps create more joy for your learners, and your team, by inspiring you to broaden your play skills.

What's in the deck?

Side 1: Overview of different play types, with curated resources, printables, & play ideas.

Side 2: Ways to improve your team’s play abilities, or embed play into team building activities.

From our team to yours......

Get all the resources, printables, and more - curated by our team just for you. We hope these are helpful!

Download the Deck

Our play deck has the most resources per individual card, so we chose to separate these by individual play category. If you just want to download the cards and focus on team building, you can do so here:
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