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Celebrating Sally's Triumph: Her Journey Through ABA Therapy

At Scarlett’s Autism Therapy Centre, we love sharing our families wins.

Sally’sstory in particular stands as a testament to the incredible potential hidden within every individual. Sally's journey from being primarily non-verbal to gradually finding her voice is a remarkable testament to the power of effective, and neurodiversity-affirming ABA therapy.

Before Sally embarked on her transformative journey with the SATC team, she was unable to effectively communicate her needs and wants, and was struggling to engage with her surroundings. The world around her was a puzzle she couldn't quite piece together.

Embarking on a Journey with SPARKS Program

Sally's parents, started their journey with our SPARKS program, which provides crucial information to parents about how their child might learn best, and what they need to be successful. With a determination to break down the barriers to communication that Sally faced, they embarked on a six-week parent training program. This program was not only about helping Sally but also about equipping her parents with the tools and strategies they needed to become active participants in her journey.

At the outset of her therapy, Sally didn't show interest in toys or any items in her therapy room, and often appeared to be in her own world. But the SPARKS program, grounded in the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), was ready to meet Sally exactly where she was.

One of the significant milestones in Sally's journey was her introduction to Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). This innovative tool became her bridge to the world around her. Sally started using PECS to communicate her desires, making simple requests for things that brought her joy – snacks, bubbles, her beloved iPad, and favourite songs. It was incredible to witness Sally's newfound ability to express herself and interact with her environment.

However, Sally's progress didn't stop there. ABA therapy is all about celebrating small victories and working toward larger goals. Sally's therapists, parents, and the entire SATC team continued to provide her with a nurturing and supportive environment. With patience and dedication, Sally began to mimic words and phrases, a significant breakthrough in her communication journey.

Expressing Joy: Sally’s Newfound Communication Skills

Now, Sally is not just copying words; she's learning to use them independently. Every word she utters is an importance step in improving her sense of autonomy, giving her choice and control and a better quality of life. Her parents are overwhelmed with pride as they witness their daughter's blossoming ability to express her thoughts and feelings.

Sally's journey isn't just about the individual strides she's made in her communication skills; it's also a testament to the collaborative spirit of her family and her therapists, and the importance of a holistic team approach. Sally's parents remain actively involved in her ABA therapy journey, attending regular parent training sessions and team meetings. Their dedication, love, and unwavering support have been crucial elements in Sally's progress.

Sally's story serves as a reminder that neurodiversity is a beautiful spectrum filled with unique talents and abilities. With the right support, like ABA therapy, individuals like Sally can overcome their individual challenges and thrive. Her journey is a beacon of hope for all families navigating the path of neurodiversity, reminding us that every individual, regardless of their differences, has the potential to shine brightly in their own way. We are so excited to continue to see Sally grow and develop her skills as she continues her journey with us.

*Name and details have been altered as appropriate to ensure client confidentiality.


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