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SPARKS Programming: Empowering Families Through Neurodiversity Affirming Parent Training

When a child is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), families can often be overwhelmed with a mix of emotions and questions about the best path forward for what early intervention supports to choose for their child.

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) therapy has long been recognised as an evidence-based intensive programme for children with ASD.

At Scarlett’s Autism Therapy Centre, we incorporate regular parent training within our ABA therapy programs so that we can empower families to take the helm of their child's early intervention experience. Our SPARKS program is uniquely designed to be the first step in your journey with us.

It is our hope that by understanding more about Autism, Neurodiversity, and what this might mean for their child, families can develop a deeper connection with their child, cultivate a nurturing home environment, and actively contribute to their child's development.

The following article will look at how our SPARKS program can foster growth for your child.

Read through our SPARKS program page to learn more about how we can empower your child today.

Understanding Neurodiversity

Neurodiversity is the recognition that neurological differences, such as Autism, ADHD, and other cognitive variances, are natural and valuable aspects of human diversity. It acknowledges that each individual's brain functions uniquely, and there is no single 'normal' or 'ideal' neurotype.

Embracing neurodiversity involves moving away from a deficit focus approach to one that emphasises the strengths and potentials of individuals who are neurodiverse. When families embrace neurodiversity, they create a positive and supportive environment where their child's uniqueness is celebrated, and we are able to support them to develop strengths in new areas.

Building Stronger Bonds

With SPARKS, Incorporating Parent training from the very beginning of the ABA therapy journey enables parents to understand their child's strengths and challenges on a deeper level. As they learn to appreciate their child's unique neurology, parents can build stronger bonds with their little ones. This enhanced connection form trust, empathy, and effective communication and expression, laying the foundation for a positive and nurturing family dynamic.

Individualised Support

One of the essential aspects of neuro-diversity-affirming parent training is recognising that each child's progress will be different. ABA therapists work closely with parents to generate individualised intervention plans that align with the child's strengths, interests, and developmental pace. This personalised approach ensures that the child's journey is focused on their growth and happiness rather than fitting into preconceived moulds, curriculums, or standards.

Advocating for Inclusivity

Empowered by parent training, families can become strong advocates for inclusivity within their communities. They can educate others about neurodiversity, challenge stereotypes, and promote understanding and acceptance – to make the world a better place for their child and others. By empowering parents, we hope that our SPARKS program will help create a more inclusive society where individuals with neuro-diverse conditions are respected and valued for who they are.

Extending Learning Beyond Therapy Sessions

While we offer in-clinic services, we know that growth also happens in the child's natural environment. SPARKS parent training equips families with the tools and knowledge to extend the learning beyond therapy sessions. Everyday activities at home, such as mealtime, playtime, and bedtime routines, become opportunities for learning and skill development.

Parent training in ABA therapy, infused with neuro-diversity-affirming practices, empowers families to become active participants in their child's early intervention experience. By embracing neurodiversity and recognising the unique strengths of their child, families can build a nurturing and accepting home environment. Parent training also equips families to be advocates for inclusivity and understanding, not only within their own family but also within the wider community.

At Scarlett’s Autism Therapy Centre, we believe that each child's journey is their own, and with the support of empowered families and a neuro-diversity-affirming approach, every child can reach their full potential, celebrating the beautiful tapestry of human diversity.

Speak to us today to get started and put your child on the path to success.


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